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Saiyuki Reload: Burial
Episode 1: Genjo Sanzo's Chapter
Air Date: 4/27/2007

If you haven't yet seen Saiyuki Reload: Burial yet do not click on any of the art to see the big pictures there is a rather detailed description of each scene on each page. If you do want to see Burial I suggest you hop on over to Youtube. Each episode is broken up into 5 or more parts. 

There are only three episodes which deal with times before our heroes head on the road west. The first episode deals with Ukoku and Sanzo. Ukoku's story focuses on how he came to be a Sanzo without the chakra, and the second half of the episode deals with Genjo Sanzo and his transition from tortured, guilty adolescent to a, slightly pissy strong leader. A Sanzo who combines the ideals of both Heaven and Hell.