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Sakura's Confusion - Sakura - Episode 40
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Sakura and the Sakura from the Dream
Sakura to Yume no Naka no Sakura 
Air Date:  May 11, 1999
Animation Director:  Hasebe Atsushi

The Scene: Okay so I obviously broke out the DVDs because I have screenshots now... This happens right after Mei-Lin offers to help Sakura on the Gopher game the confusion she has is because Mei-Lin has just stepped onto the game pad and offered to take the other side.

About the Cel: The three in this sequence I picked up are in pristine condition. I adore all of them because you can see the confusion go from understanding to that damn smile of hers that just makes everyone around her want to melt. Including the infamous Yue.

Why: Well I blame Yahoo Japan & Sensei for this one. I bought one of my very first Sakura's from this Episode off of Yahoo Japan it was the one of the battle outfit she wears in the last episode of this season. And I had mistakenly IDed it incorrectly. So long story short Sensei sent me an e-mail explaining it even more, and I fell in love. So when A gallery came up for offer I knew I had to get it one of three in a sequential sequence I picked up maybe if I'm ever feeling ambitious I will put together a GIF.

Sequence Mates: I own three... a little excessive I know but it if you know of more out there drop me a line I love to give credit where credit is due. 
  1. Screenshot
  2. Cel
  3. Douga