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Sakura!! - Yukito
  1. Title 1
The Scene: After Yukito bought the pretty hair ornament for Sakura, her and Li sense a presence, Sakura goes chasing after it, and everyone follows.

Why? LOL well I'm not going to say that Sakura has her brother and her brother's "best friend" wrapped around her finger... It's clear in every piece I have where they run after to save her, even though she doesn't need saving! ^_^

About the Cel: Cel is oversized with little to no line fading. I love the image, also this whole sequence in the market is lovingly cinematic with grand camera shots in an arguably claustrophobic market but lovely and interesting all the same. Also interesting to note the sequence numbers C8 seems quite high for the sequence as you watch it each character takes off after Sakura at different times, but each time they are not necessarily layered over eachother in fact except for the same background I believe the screenshot for this piece has no one else besides Yukito in the shot.