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Scott McNeil - Otakon 2005
Signature on Clear Piece of Acetate over Cel of Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing
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I'm not going to do the whole breakdown on the autographs page, however I will tell the story behind this one. Scott McNeil is a hoot and a half this autograph session has stuck in my head all these years for many reasons. 

1. He was an hour late, seriously!

2. He showed up a little tipsy...

3. He spent 5-10 minute talking with everyone who came for an autograph. It was a lot fun and he was super kind. 

4. He kissed one of the young ladies, because of some sort of bet that was running around the GW fandom I don't remember what the full details were, it came down to something of the effect that a fic would be written for the girl who could get him to do it. 

5. In the five minutes I had spent 3 minutes gushing about the cel and then 3 minutes crying because I made him sign a piece of acetate to lay over the actual art.

All in all it was a blast and my second only Otakon, I have been back many times but this autograph was the most fun to acquire.