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Cardcaptor Sakura: Season One
Cardcaptor Sakura is a series I go into through the manga. Shortly after Sailor Moon was first published in English, I was in a bookstore browsing and spotted this lovely manga named Cardcaptor Sakura. Needless to say I was hooked from day one, and anticipated each new volume with bated breath. Then I started cel collecting... well the rest is history I was encouraged to watch the series which adds quite a bit more, with few exceptions... i.e. Fujitaka... If you've read the manga you know what I am talking about! 

I now own the entire series, and I am slowly working my way through my CCS collection to update a blurb for each page as well as screen captures. I am also slowly adding sketches which I've had but have been hesitant to post... some are just silly, also the scans are not very good...

Also note that I have identified each cel in the galleries, and have tried to add links to sequence mates that I have found in other galleries. This a definate copy of Sensei, I think it is a great tool for fellow collectors. And more often than not will lead you to another collectors site that you will enjoy.

As always comments and suggestions are enjoyed, flames are used to make smores, and if you pop open the image to look at a cel be prepared for SPOILERS if you have not seen Cardcaptor Sakura!Now for the season intro!!! So... This season is all about Sakura finding her way, she is still getting used to wielding her magic, she is still becoming friends with the cards, Kero, and trying to get closer to Yukito ^_~ So basically there is a lot of back story and it is an excellent introduction to the world of CCS, there are some clunker episodes however overall it is pretty excellent with some great animation, and storylines that will draw you in.There are some fantastic episodes in this season, I ADORE episode 14... Mostly for S & Gs, however it does point out that not everything will go according to Clow Reed's plan... which is kind of glossed over in the anime... however... The idea was that Sakura would fall in love with Yukito and she would be Yue's new Mistress so there would be no problem there. Instead, Yukito falls for Toya (vice versa), and Sakura falls for Li (vice versa)... Ah the vagaries of the human heart