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Cardcaptor Sakura: Season Three
Season 3 is where the bulk of my collection lies. I've already broken out my 3 favorite episodes that happen in this season. I've also amassed quite a few pieces from the very last wrap up everything episode, as well as some very, very key ToyaxYukito scenes.
So if just from the number of pieces you could guess this is my favorite season of CCS. I adore all the little quiet ToyaxYukito scenes, as well as the not so quiet scenes. I love that Sakura is has finally come into her own, and her maturity is well beyond what it should be for her age. I LOVE the animation it is just gorgeous, especially all the key scenes. Enjoy this gallery and jump into the following episodes 65, 66, 67, very key episodes to the whole plot line which have a very strong mirror in the manga, almost shot for shot on some of them.