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Secret Agent Man err... Woman - Tomoyo & Kero - Episode 35
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Sakura's Wonderful Christmas
Sakura no Suteki na Kurisumasu
Air Date:  April 6, 1999
Animation Director:  Kimizuka Katsunori

The Scene: This is the episode where they catch the fire card. Sakura and Yukito are out on a christmas 'date' and Tomoyo and Kero have been following them incognito all day. Their outfits are so cute I love the glasses... The cel happens just before the Firey attacks.

Why: The cel cracked me up when I first found it, and I am also amused by the correction layer done on Kero's glasses... When I scanned it the layer got kind of skewed, so now worries the layers are not stuck funny.

About the Cel: In pretty good condition the correction layer is unstuck, and you can see why Kero's tail is so long and Tomoyo is cut off the legs because of the way the layers were put together with the backgrounds, check out the screen shot.

Special Thanks to Sensei! For the episode id ^_^ 

  1. Cel
  2. Douga
  3. Screenshot