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Sensing Uub - Goku - Episode 291 
Even Stronger!! Goku's Dream is Super-Huge
Motto Tsuyoku!! Gokū no Yume wa Chō Dekkee

Air Date: 
January 31, 1996
Animation Director:  Shingo Ishikawa

The Scene: At the beginning of the second episode the battle between Uub and Goku is heating up. Goku in the previous episode had insulted Uub and his family beyond reason and Uub does some damage. Goku looks down for the count, but then he slowly gets up looks excited about the coming fight, and then senses Uub (cel)

Why?: Dragonball Z is a cel collectors definition of Pan HELL. Pans are used liberally and often in DBZ, and it surprises me it has taken me this many years to acquire my first two pans from this show. So my thought process for this was I LOVE the blue gi and it saddens me he only wears it across these episodes and the VERY beginning of GT, but I think he wears different colored pants??? Anywho, the pan was obviously large and Goku looks absolutely pissed, which doesn't happen often, and would make a great addition to my collection. So when I went after it I went after it pretty hard, although with the yen being the way it is right now. I did not spend nearly as much as I thought I would have to! ^_^

About the Cel: This cel is VERY large, 12.25 x 20 inches! The lines are in pretty excellent condition, although the lines on his skin are generally faded, however on the gi and hair the lines are very dark still and look like the day the were run off the machine. The BG is shellacked to the cel, it is definitely the original matching so that is super exciting! ^_^ 
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