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Shinozaki!!! - Makoto and Shinozaki - Episode 49 
Cel w/special effect, Cel, Layout, and Screenshot
For Love and Justice! A Sailor Warrior Once Again
Ai to seigi yue! Sērā Senshi futatabi 

Air Date: 
March 13, 1993

Animation Director: Hasegawa Shin`ya

The Scene: This I call the rainy day episode, not quite accurate but since I started watching SM in 96... This is what I called it. Anywho this is right after the attack on Shinozaki by the creepy pink lion. It starts the flashes that artfully portray the danger and intensity of an emergency situation. Which ends in Makoto giving blood to her friend.

Why?: This episode is so poorly animated that it doesn't even look like Sailor Moon at times. However, I love the character study of Mako-chan. Also there are some really neat looking scenes. All of flashes look really cool and it looks like they used a camera filter when shooting this because the cel is in black in white. 

About the Cel: The cel is shellacked to the layout... I'm not removing it however it makes the cel look funny when I scan it. I am thinking about looking for some red see through plastic to scan the cel with to get the full effect. I think it would look really cool also not make it look so funny with the stuck layout to the back.

Update!: Got some of that red cellophane, and I was right it looks super cool! ^_^ It also blocks the layout from being filtered through very nice ^_^ 

  1. Cel with Special Effect
  2. Cel
  3. Layout
  4. Screenshot