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Shu-Cream Sundae? - Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter - Episode 25
Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love
Koisuru kairiki shōjo, Jupitā-chan
恋する怪力少女, ジュピターちゃん

Air Date:
 September 5, 1992

Animation Director: Kagawa Hisashi

The Scene: Gesen attacked Sailor Jupiter, but she avoided him. Then Sailor Jupiter used her "Supreme Thunder" attack and blasted Gesen.

Sailor moon right after Jupiter does Supreme Thunder, says: "Shu-cream Sundae?" which explains the adorable clueless look on her face! :)

Why?: What a great cel to find from Sailor Jupiter's very first appearance! It does help that she is my very favorite character... ^_^ Unfortunately quality cels of her are hard to find and when I do find something I love it is way out of my budget! *sniffs* I absolutely love the determined look in her eyes! It is so typical of my Mako-chan! <--adores cel 

About the Cel: The cel itself has the typical first season line-fading present in any cel from classic Sailor Moon. Unfortunately I bought this cel before I started seriously collecting, and did not store it correctly. *bangs head* There is some major paint loss here, I'm not quite sure what to do to stop it but I have some ideas. I was thinking maybe some fixative could help and I could get a correction layer made. *sighs* I will think of something, eventually... This is one cel I can say I will never sell, 1, because I will never get back what I paid, 2, because it is so damaged no one else would want it! Oh well it's mine, and I love it! *hugs cel*

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