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Shu-Cream Sundae? - Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter - Episode 25
Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love
Koisuru kairiki shōjo, Jupitā-chan
恋する怪力少女, ジュピターちゃん

Air Date: 
September 5, 1992

Animation Director: Kagawa Hisashi

The Scene: Gesen attacked Sailor Jupiter, but she avoided him. Then Sailor Jupiter used her "Supreme Thunder" attack and blasted Gesen.

Sailor moon right after Jupiter does Supreme Thunder, says: "Shu-cream Sundae?" which explains the adorable clueless look on her face! :)

Why?: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house I received two cels for my Birthday/Xmas!! I love this episode I need more from it but very little has come out except from the fight scene! I was super happy to receive this piece to add to my collection from this eppy also it is in much better condition.

About the Cel: Cel has typical first season line fading. The background is original unmatching but I left it because it works for now. The layers are unmatching but stuck, this is typical of cels from this sequence. The layers are also completely shellacked. 
  1. Cel