Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
*sighs* Yuki... - Toya
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The Scene: Toya interrupts Yuki's guilt fest... “Yuki, if you had a lunch, and when you were about to eat it I showed up, almost starving to death, what would you do with that lunch?” (CEL)

“I’d give it to you, Toya.”

Why?: This is a wishlist cel... I have wanted this expression in the baddest way for the longest time. So when I saw it, I was like what the hell, the correction layer was stuck incorrectly, so I carefully peeled in adjusted it seems okay now. So now the goal is to keep the layers separated and break out the distilled water and Q-tips and start scrubbing...

About the Cel: Like I said there was a correction layer on this piece. Which were stuck incorrectly the lines were all doubled on his neck on the bottom layer so a new layer was put on top to fix the issue. I'll bag them separately for now and clean them up when I get a chance this cel has a cel dirt issue much like some of my SM cels have.