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Smile, cause it's over... or is it? - Yukito - Episode 46  
Cel and Screenshot
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SSakura and the Last Judgement
Sakura to saigo no shinban 
Air Date: June 22, 1999
Animation Director:  Hasebe Atsushi
The Scene: This is one of the final cuts of the last episode of the 2nd season. Sakura has saved the day and Yue has conceded to her, as the new master. Because his new master will not yet be able to sustain both Yue, Kero, and all the cards... Yue returns to Yukito's true form, Sakura sees him and he notices her, and then smiles back....

Why?: I have been looking for a cel of this cut since I started collecting Toya and Yukito. I was looking for one of the 3/4 face shots where Yuki almost looks a little sly, but this shy smile right before the blinding smile he gives Sakura is good enough for me ^_^

About the Cel: A typical CCS cel in excellent condition, unfortunately there is no matching sketch. Not much I can say other than it's cool, I will be looking for some of the sketches from the sequence to learn a little more.