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So I brought something today... - Yukito - Episode 57
Cel and Douga
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Sakura and Shaoran and the Elevator
Sakura to Shaoran to elevator

Air Date: 
November 16, 1999

Animation Director:  Hamada Kunihiko
The Scene: Sakura and Li are trapped in an elevator, so while sitting there Sakura proceeds to tell a story about the cookie, "Yesterday, Yukito-san came to our house to eat dinner and..."


"Thanks for the meal," Yuki says, giant smile on his face . "I felt bad about being treated to dinner all the time with nothing in return, so I brought something today." (CEL) And then he had proceeded to heft a giant bag on the table, completely obscuring Sakura's view, and full to the brim with cookies. "Hai, have some cookies."

Why?: LOL so yes, I have sequence hog problem...  Also he looks super cute, and this scene cracks me up.  It's also tricky tricky cause he also wears this shirt in Episode 65 (I know I have a problem)  So when I bought it I knew it was one of the two.  I always hope for ep 65 but I'm good with this cut too.  ^_^

About the Cel: In fairly good shape. There is a smidge of line disintegration on his glasses but the line is still there and scans pretty well. The Douga is a full sketch which is nice you don't always get a full sketch with the attached douga.