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So, I want you to protect her... - Toya
Douga and Screenshot
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The Scene: After Yue reveals himself to Toya they talk a little and the crux of it is Toya wants to give his powers to Yue so Yuki will not disappear. But his caveat is, "So, I want you to protect her."

Why?: I am still missing at least 70% of what I want from this conversation this one is a step in the right direction. He is telling Yue that when he loses that magical sense he wants to be able to protect Sakura as well, but he won't be able to so Yue must protect her.

About the Sketch: There is a little paint on the bottom of the right corner of the sketch and it looks like only a portion of sketch actually made it to film, it looks like instead of the further away shot they wanted tighter close up on Toya's fierce protective face.

Sequence Buddies: None that I can find, if you have one, give me a shout out!