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So that's the true power of your Bankai. - Ichigo & Byakuya - Episode 58
Unseal! The Black Blade, the Miraculous Power
Kaihō! Kuroki Yaiba, Kiseki no Chikara

Air Date:
November 15, 2005

Animation Director: Fukazawa Manabu

The Scene: I see... By compressing all the fighting power of the Bankai in that small blade, that Bankai gives you maximum fighting power at unimaginable speeds... So that's the true power of your Bankai. (Gengas)

Why?: I'd been thinking about popping the Bleach cherry for a while but hadn't yet jumped off the cliff, because I did not need to add another series that would take me forever to identify and has a million and a half episodes... roughly... But then I came across this set... and I was like, I know where that's from! And it's so purty! ^_^;;

I know I am a sucker, :/

Anywho, I was hoping to take the time to animate the dougas but that will take a lot more editing skills than I actually have. You can see the hatchet job I did below in the next section ^_^

Okay so one of the great things about Bleach besides all the fun bloody battles, are the abundance of hot men! Oddly enough my favorite fights are the ones with Byakuya, and my all time favorite would be anytime Ichigo and him fight... There is just something about the intensity of the battle, I think neither of them do anything halfway... And that comes across when they battle. ^_^

About the Sketch Set: The set is comprised of an original layout, genga and all of the dougas that made it to screen. The dougas however were done on separate layers, The body parts that don't move comprise of the A1End, and the speaking portion by Byakuya of his mouth on the B layers, and the movement of their clothes and hair on the C layers. I did one compilation of the first set the A1End, the B1, and the C1.

The sketches have a little boxing on the corners as they seem to have changed hands a few times, and were in a box of sketches a dealer had of multiple sketch sets from Bleach. So they are going in the sketch book and hopefully will flatten them out some more. I am also going to leave them with some microchamber paper as well.
Genga, Layout, Multiple Dougas and Screenshot
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