Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

...So there are Sanzo Priests like you... - Ken'yuu
Layout, Copy Layout, Shuuseis, Genga, Original BG, and Screenshot
The Scene: After the regular old man bit, Ken'yuu is thinking... So there are Sanzo Priests like you.

Why?: This is a nice short conversation, you get the feeling Ken'yuu might be testing Koumyou out trying to get a further feel for the enigmatic priest.
Heehee, so some more Burial art has been trickling to the market, so when I saw this set I was like... Hey! I have that background... :/ And the rest is history as it were lol. I never regret buying Burial art so I was super pumped to pick up this set and a few others late last month, although I might be eating Ramen for a while lol...

About the Layout: Layout is nice a messing and has movement where there is none this is a very still scene also the background is smaller than some of the other backgrounds used in this OVA. It makes it feel almost claustrophobic. 

About the Set: Set came with the copy of the original Layout that I own ^_^... Also came with one really detailed correction, a rough draft on yellow paper and what looks like the final genga. The set is in pretty decent shape, and the correction is quite lovely this seems par for the course with the burial art I have picked up. The correction is particularly creepy, which fits the mood of the scene quite nicely...

Sketches are pieced together with tape there seems to be very little tape burn, but I know what I will be doing with my weekend! ^_^;; 
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