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So this ability, can it beat Majin Buu? - Goku, Gohan, Supreme Kai, Kibito, and Old Kai - Episode 250 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
You're Kidding, Right!? The Z-Sword is Broken
Uso daro!? Zetto Sōdo ga Orechatta

Air Date:
 December 14, 1994
Animation Director:  Yukio Ebisawa

The Scene: LMAO!!! OMG, I knew it was a funny scene, but @[email protected]

Anywho... *snickers* I did not watch the English version, I can't even imagine they did it. But who knows this was released in English 8 years after it was released in Japan, and we are still prudes...

So they test the Z Sword and of COURSE Goku and Gohan break it. And out pops the Old Kai, who makes claims that he is super impressive with his strategy. Goku decides of course to test and Old Kai gets whacked in the face with some Ki and does not want to reveal his secret because Goku pissed him off. So Goku, brilliant boy that he is thinks the Old Kai is going to be just like Master Roshi, a pervy old man... 

He is... Goku offers to bring him dirty magazines the Old Kai says no cause he can see naked women anytime with his god like vision. 

Goku thinks a little harder and asks Gohan if he will let old Kai feel up Videl. Gohan is like, are you crazy, no! 

Goku thinks a little harder, and asks the Kai, "So this ability, can it beat Majin Buu?" (cel) There is more to it, but I suggest you watch it in the original Japanese I was rolling around the floor laughing.

Why?: I knew this was going to be a funny scene, but I had no idea how funny. I was very happy with that, also really cool this piece came with all the matching sketches, only the Goku is scanned below, the timing sheet and the original matching BG. Except for the matching Genga it is almost a complete Setup, I will be keeping an eye out for it, but DBZ sketches don't come up nearly as often as the lovely painted plastic! ^_^

About the Cel: All the layers are stuck, as well as stuck to the original matching background. Since the set is pretty accurate to the screenshot I will just leave it all attached. The sketches are not all complete like the Goku is missing his left arm although because it is underneath the Gohan layer it might not have been animated. There is the typical Toei line fading in the warmer colors but otherwise in pretty good shape for a cel over 20 years old. 

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