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So when is your marathon? - Toya - Episode 21 
Original Layout, Background, and Screenshot
Sakura's Long Marathon Race
Sakura no Nagai Marason Taikai
Air Date:  September 15, 1998
Animation Director:  Koga Makoto

About the Scene: In this scene, the Kinomoto's are picking up after dinner and they are talking about Sakura's upcoming marathon race that she one last year. Like a dutiful big brother Toya asks when and where it is...

Why?: I love Toya and any scene he spends time being big brotherly and finding excuses to spend time with Yuki and his sister is high on my list I also love it when he teases her! Which of course comes right after...

About the Layout: Very interesting it looks like this scene had some contention as to what Toya's expression would actually be... The layout he is even dressed differently! 
  1. Screenshot
  2. Background
  3. Original Layout