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So Why do we have to die in a place like this? - Duo Maxwell - Episode 17
Cel and Screenshot
  1. Cel
  2. Screenshot
Betrayed by Home, Far Away
Uragiri no Tōki Kokyō

Air Date:
 July 28, 1995
Animation Director:  Sakuma Shin`ichi and Waragai Hitoshi

The Scene: After some more convoluted politics, one of the things I love and hate about GW, there is nothing more that the pilots can do on earth.  So Quatre and Duo team up and decide to take the Gundams into space, they attack a spaceport, and are losing horribly, Duo says, "I still think what we're doing is a good thing.  So why do we have to die in a place like this?"

Why?:  When this  first hit eBay, I was like, I haven't bought any GW in a while and Duo doesn't come around all that much, and it's priced reasonably, and his eyes are super intense, and the composition is interesting.  He's prolly fighting in Deathscythe...  so it should be a cool scene.  So I'm down ^_^  I love the eyes and the braid...  So this makes me really happy, alot of the time his braid is hidden in cels cause it just falls down his back and a lot of what has made it to market is very typical face shots and etc.  I also think Sunrise missed a prime opportunity, in Duo, I'm sure many a fangirl fantasize about unbraiding his hair...  We just have to imagine it :(

About the Cel: There is a little line fading in the warmer colors, but otherwise the cel is in excellent condition for a 20 year old piece of plastic ^_^  There was no matching sketch that came with the screenshot is not exact but VERY close.  I used to have GW on VHS and have not replaced them with DVD so it was hard doing it on Youtube, GW also needs a firm re-releasing ^_^