Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

So you're Loveless. - Soubi and Ritsuka
 Gengas, Dougas, Shuuseis, Original Layouts, and Screenshot
The Scene: After having his and Ritsuka's make out session interrupted, by Youji's scream.  Ritsuka goes running down the stairs to help the beleaguered Zero pair.  Soubi sedately follows him slowly down the stairs calmly, (genga set).  The Older Zero pair still functioning turns to Ritsuka and Soubi and say, "So you're Loveless."

Why?: Soubi is so very pretty, but what drew me to this set was the intense but very calm manner in the sketches.  Especially  the very lovely shuusei done by Nakajima-san and Nakayama-sensei.  You can see them side by side on the top of the sketch gallery.

About the Set:   This set includes a number of original layouts, shuusei, genga, and douga.  One very lovely correction from Nakayama-sensei on the green paper and several corrections from Nakajima-san whose style mirrors Nakayama-sensei's quite closely it's interesting how closely but you can see some clear differences in how they handle the shading of the hair and the shapes of the eyes, as well as the placement of Soubi's glasses.

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