Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Solitary - Genjo Sanzo 
Layout, Original BG, and Screenshot
The Scene: The nights for Sanzo at this temple are sleepless and when sleep does come full of nightmares. By day he spends his time in reflection causing the monks to gossip about how he doesn't eat and always keeps to himself. 

Why?: This image for me was like a punch in the gut. The sheer aloneness this image portrays among all the oppulence of this elite temple. Just speaks to me in my bones, the images in this OVA have been spectacular and after this my first purchase I do believe I will be keeping my eye out for more Saiyuki art.

About the Layout: This layout it in very decent shape, the real star of this set would be the background. The detail is just beautiful and with the sketch to show how small Sanzo is in comparison just makes the whole setup spine-tingling. 
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