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Soubi is in more pain than even me! - Ritsuka and Soubi
Gengas, Shuuseis, and Screenshots
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The Scene: In the fight with Sleepless they manage to restrict, Soubi and Ritsuka, and Ritsuka who still untrained mostly is protected by Soubi taking part of the damage, Ritsuka thinks, "Soubi is in more pain than even me!" And with that... He kisses it all better...

Why?: *fans self* If you don't know why you must be dead from the neck down... I was taking the screenshot and I had to rewind it to actually take it because it is so arresting! And Soubi's reaction right after is just pure gold... In fact you can see the determination and anger in the next piece.... ^_^;;

About the Set: The set came with 10ish or so sketches. Might be more or less, I would have to dig them out... The most arresting pieces the Original Layout, the partial correction and the final two page genga are shown above and I also animated the Ritsuka gengas of him passing out after kissing Soubi's neck. *fans self* I might need to go take a cold shower after this... I am in no frame of mind to be technical... Hence the reason for taking so long to post this.... ^_^;;