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Soubi... - Ritsuka
Gengas, Copy Layout, Partial Genga, and Screenshots
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The Scene: Heehee, so after Soubi says he is a friend of Seimei's Ritsuka asks the next logical question... What's your name? He replies, "Soubi." While Ritsuka looks cutely from beneath his bangs kind of sideways! SO KAWAII!! *squeak*

Why?: See Above... It is super cute for sure, but also it is one of those 3/4 quarter shots and I am such a sucker for those. They are notoriously difficult to draw and can sometimes make the character's eyes and face look all wonky. However, not in this case the expression is dynamite I even like the sideways shot that was also included in the set.

About the Set: The set includes two of the final genga, one partial and the copy layout, I really wish the set was more complete, but I will just have to keep my eyes peeled for his friends :)