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Strawberry Bliss - Yukito - Episode 38 
Cel and Screenshot
Sakura's Fun Strawberry Picking Adventure
Sakura no Tanoshii Ichigo Kariさくらの楽しいいちご狩り

Air Date: 
April 20, 1999
Animation Director:  Fujita Mariko
The Scene: Toya and Yukito are having another one of those conversations at the end of a very busy day, and Sakura runs up with her handmade strawberry cake. This is just right after the bite of strawberry cake where he is enjoying the delicious cake. ^_^

Why?: *sighs* I'm not sure how to put this but my sister put it quite succinctly one day, it doesn't look like he's eating that cake it looks like he is having sex with it! Goodnight Everybody!!!

About the Cel: Very lovely some really nice clean lines and bright colors. I love the strawberry cake the details on it are quite nice. 
  1. Cel
  2. Screenshot