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Sugawara Jun - Animazement 2015
(From the Animazement Guest book I could not find a page for Sugawara-san on anidb)

Sugawara Jun is proud to be part of the guest at Animazement as the head of Non-Profit Organization Animator Supporters. Being an animator himself, Sugawara-san has become aware of the critical situation that the Japanese animators are facing and in 2009, Sugawara-san gathered with fellow established animators to setup an organization, called Animator Supporters to support young animators just starting out.

Since the start, the organization supports young animators in various way through housing support, skill enhancement classes, and more. 

To learn more about this very worthy organization and their current project, please check out their indie gogo page 
HERE . I am not just pimping I also donated myself shortly after Animazement ^_^. So go help out! 

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