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Ta-da!! - Goku - Episode 289 
Cel, Douga, Screenshot
Grandpa Goku! I Am Pan!!
Gokū Ojiichan! Watashi ga Pan yo!!

Air Date: 
January 17, 1996
Animation Director:  Naoki Miyahara

The Scene: Grandpa Goku and Pan-chan are out enjoying the festivities around the tournament. And Goku gets Pan her very own icecream she toddles off with it, and Goku continues paying and getting his own. He turns around and presents his ice cream (cel)

Why?: OMG I LOVE these three episodes! Goku is sooooooo cuute! And him playing the doting Oji-san is so adorable, and it just makes it ten times better that there is ice cream in the frame two of my three favorite vices, Goku and Ice cream! ^_^

About the Cel: The cel is in really excellent condition for a Toei cel of it's age. There really is only line fading in the warmer colors as per usual. The detail on the Ice cream is just awesome. It also came with an unmatching BG and matching Douga. 

  1. Cel
  2. Douga
  3. Screenshot