Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Original Sketch by Mangaka TATSUYOSHI
Nefarious Body Namidairo
Furachi na Karada na Namida Iro

Book Release Date:
September 6, 2013

Mangaka: たつよし - TATSUYOSHI
As part of a promotion this book a first edition was sold new at the Luster Bookstore.  It came mint with the promotional Obi still around the book.  The problem with purchasing original art drawn on Manga is the covers will yellow and fade if no steps are taken in the preservation.  So I carefully the front cover with the Mangakas adorable Chibis of the main characters from the first story!  SO KAWAII!  ^_^ and took steps to preserve the drawing MC paper and plastic!
TATSUYOSHI seems to have been around for a while she has published at least a book a year since 2005.  However she has never made it really over here, I'm not sure why her art is pretty lovely, I have noticed she tends to lean more toward one offs.  It seems that the more popular Yaoi artists become famous over here through longer series.  There are a few that have become more popular even with one offs but TATSUYOSHI has not hit that over here yet.  This story is VERY nice and it would be great if it made it over here!  ^_^

Sketch from Furachi na Karada na Namida Iro
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