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Thank you... - Healed Lake Youkai - Episode 40
Cel, Douga, Genga set, and Screenshot
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The Legendary Lake Yokai: The Bond of Usagi's Family
Mizuumi no densetsu yōkai! Usagi kazoku no kizuna

Air Date:
January 16, 1993

Animation Director: Masahiro Ando

The Scene: In the final moments of the epsiode, the Youkai is healed by Sailor Moon. And she is super pretty, waving goodbye and thanking the Senshi and Endymion for healing her. 

Why?: I have wanted a piece from this cut since I started collecting Sailor Moon. There was just something about this scene that was arresting to me. I've never been able to pinpoint why, it might be because she is so very pretty. It is very interesting because a lot of Ando, episodes are considered some of the worst of Sailor Moon. However there are moments in each of these episodes that make yo take notice and I believe that this is one of them. Her eyes in particular are very detailed and expressive she really is just lovely.

About the Cel: The layer setup, there is some serious cel dirt going on here however the layers are all shellacked, and unfortunately the Sakura blossoms are attached on the back instead of the front. That being said this is a wishlist cel for me, so the condition even shellacked and dirty she is still quite pretty.

Update!:  I was able to acquire the matching Genga set late last year, there is similar  yellowing on the set as well as on the matching douga.  

Award:  I entered the cel to the 2016 Anime-Beta Cel Contest in the Femininity Category and placed second!  Thanks to all who voted, and Brandon_T our awards creator for that year!