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Thank you Sailor Jupiter! - Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter - Epsiode 49 
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For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears
Shiroi bara wa dare ni? Tsukikage no Naito tōjō

Air Date: 
March 20, 1993

Animation Director: Andou Masahiro

The Scene: At the very end of the episode right after Jupiter has defeated the Cardian, with just one super pissed off blast of Supreme Thunder. She collapses and Sailor Moon runs up to thank her for saving her.

The Why?: Wishlist! Also super sweet! I love cels of the two of them together, best friends and sisters...

About the Cel: There is some extreme line fading on this piece, the bottom layer is shellacked to the background. Original matching background which is quite lovely with the cut number on the back, I'm not sure how they label the bgs in SM but for an end of episode cel, the cut number seems super low...