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Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
That's why I think he gave his powers to Yue-san - Yukito 
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The Scene: “I’m sure Onii-chan thinks you are his number one too, that’s why I think he gave his powers to Yue-san.”

Sakura says this and then this is Yuki's reaction. It is quite a quick jerky movement. I think mostly because eventually the two personalities will finally merge into one cohesive whole. 

Why?: I knew I needed this piece it was definitely on my wishlist. It is just missing the Sakura layer. Which could possibly happen I've done it all of one times ^_~...

About the Cel: There is no line fading on this puppy, it is oversized they pan over a few times in this sequence it is quite lovingly shot. There is a smidge of paint loss in the point of his bangs this tends to happen occasionally in tiny pieces of hair, but otherwise it is in great condition.