Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

That's your karma. - High Priest Jikaku
Layout, Shuusei, Original BG, and Screenshot
The Scene: Bearing the burden of taking a life. It's like inhaling the smoke into your lungs. You keep doing that... and your lungs turn black. That's your karma.

Why?: I really love the few pieces that I got an extra sketch for those bonus sketches have been some of the loveliest from the episode and show the detail and effort that went into this OVA.

About the Layout: I received two layouts with this cut one done on genga paper which I used as the main image and the other done in the traditional manner which is lovely but not as good as the genga. I really like the detail in the background the windows are quite lovingly done. 
  1. Title 1
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  3. Title 3
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