Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

The Bell - Ms. Mizuki - Episode 40 
Cel and Screenshot
Sakura and the Sakura from the Dream
Sakura to Yume no Naka no Sakura 
Air Date:  May 11, 1999
Animation Director:  Hasebe Atsushi
The Scene: The end of the episode is of course at the top of Tokyo Tower and Sakura sees Ms. Mizuki and herself facing off across from each other at the top of the building foreshadowing what will happen.

About the Cel: I think this one was snagged off a website/gallery but I can't remember where, that is what I get for waiting three years to update! Very pretty cel and a nice companion to the matching Sakura in full regalia.

Why? Well for one I love cels when the character's hair is being whipped around by the wind it always makes for a striking image and with the giant ribbon attached to the back of the bell even more so. I also love these final few minutes of the episode!

Sequence Buddies: Is anyone out there? 
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