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The Big Reveal - Genjo Sanzo Pan 
Layout, Original BG, and Screenshot
The Scene: After all that has happened in the OVA, the monks of the temple are all gathered for a funeral of the Head Priest. The monks are gossiping, Where is Sanzo? Does he not show any responsibility as the head priest died protecting him? Then you hear it the doors slamming open, and the shot pans to Sanzo in his full regalia which has not yet been shown in the OVA at this point. There is also something different about the Sanzo, what could it be?

Why?: This is one of the sketches that I knew I was getting. The pan is damn impressive, it is an original and not a copy. And Sanzo just looks so good in his full regalia. Not the reason I bought the set that was the sketch of Kouryuu with the gun, but this was most definately the second reason. ^_^

About the Layout: The layout was taped together down the middle the first thing I did was seperate it from the background and then I scanned it. I have since taken the layout and seperated the two pieces to stop future tape burn. As the sketches are only a year or so old there has been no damage as of yet. There is however some bends in the matching BG this is due to the way that Mandarake shipped the art. They had bagged it all into one plastic cel bag and then wrapped it in bubblewrap, then sandwiched the art between two pieces of cardboard not very sturdy pieces of cardboard! The result to this was that the biggest BG got bent in the strangest places. I intend to get the art work sandwiched under some heavey books to flatten it out as this is not the only piece that was damaged in shipment this way. :( 
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