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The Bodyguard - Sailor Jupiter & Sailor Moon - Episode 45
Douga and Screenshot
The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle
Sērā Senshi shisu! Hisō naru saishūsen

Air Date: 
February 20, 1993

Animation Director: Itou Ikuko

The Scene: The storm has stopped and the weather has cleared. Sailor Moon sees an image of Tuxedo Kamen calling for help...and she rushes forward. The other Senshi pile on top of her to stop her. Sailor Mercury tells Sailor Moon that this is really a youma...but this doesn't stop Sailor Moon from going to him *again*... :-) 

Why?: This douga was a gift from my little sister, the douga is of our two favorite characters, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon. I adore this douga and will absolutely never part with it due to sentimental value. The douga is from episode 45 of Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter is saving Sailor Moon from her own silliness....

About the Douga: It is in excellent shape and currently the only piece in my collection framed, green matte, with Pink frame to bring out the colors.

  1. Douga
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