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The Golden Ticket!!! - Yukito 
Cel, Douga, Layout, and Screenshot
Scene Summary - (Sakura is daydreaming about Yukito giving her the ticket to the Seijo High School fair) Yukito: Would you like to come with a friend? Oh, maybe you already got a ticket from Touya. 

Why? - I just love the disappointment on his face it is just beyond adorable. ^_^ This cel was traded for an episode 66 cel that I'd decided I could part with... without crying of course! ^_^ 

About the cel - This cel is actually very neat because the special effects layer is missing from the cel, you don't get the cool yellowed misty memory effect. So it is easy to see the nice crisp lines, and the details on the ticket.

Addition 9/1/2008 - Was able to acquire the matching background off of Yahoo Japan! There was also a lovely layout that came with it.

Special thanks to the lovely Talia!! *huggles*

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