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The Karate Kid - Makoto - Episode 48 
Cel and Screenshot
For Love and Justice! A Sailor Warrior Once Again
Ai to seigi yue! Sērā Senshi futatabi 

Air Date: 
March 13, 1993

Animation Director: Hasegawa Shin`ya

The Scene: This is the second episode of the R series of Sailor Moon. The scouts have all lost their memories and these producers are going through candidates for a drama. Unfortunately none of the scouts know each other :( All the scouts including Usagi are included in the slideshow. This is Mako-chan's slide.

Why?: It was a gift, and I adore Makoto. Plus there is only one of these in existence I'm guessing the A1 layer is the talking heads. It also says the cel is book, but I do not know of any other place in the series where they use this shot...

About the Cel: It is an A2 Key End Book Cel. Funtimes! Also included with it is the lovely matching background which gets kind of lost in the screenshot. Line fading is minimal in her hair and hand otherwise the lines are, crisp, clean and lovely.

Special thanks to both Tan and Buster, for collaborating on this lovely gift behind my back :) 
  1. Cel
  2. Screenshot