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The Killing Blow - Nephrite - Episode 24 
Cel and Screenshot
Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love
Naru-chan gōkyū! Nefuraito ai no shi

Air Date:
 August 29, 1992

Animation Director: Itou Ikuko

The Scene: Nephrite told Naru-chan to escape, but she didn't want to. Naru-chan started trying to pull out the thorns from Nephrite's shoulder. The youma said that a human couldn't pull it out. Nephrite told Naru-chan to escape again. But Naru-chan kept trying to pull it out. Naru-chan was crying and said, "Don't die." Then the thorns started coming out a little. 

Youma was surprised and blasted them again. Nephrite grabbed Naru-chan and covered her from the explosion. Naru-chan was all right, but Nephrite was badly injured. 

Why?: It wasn't about the emotions of the scene, heck I didn't even know where it was from when I bought it... ^^;; It was actually all about the perviness 3:) I mean look at it, as beautiful a cel as this is, you just have to wonder...

About the cel: There is of course typical first season line fading as well as a rare matching original bg. No sketch, but I can live without it...that is unless someone knows where it is... 
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