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Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
The Master's powers have been cut off... - Yue
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The Scene: The Maze, and Illusion Cards have stopped working suddenly. This stops Li and Yue in their tracks in their hunt for the missing Sakura. Yue looks coldly, and says, " The Master's powers have been cut off..." I'm not sure if that look is worry or indifference, but I guess that is just the charm of Yue. ^_^

Why?: Recently hit Evilbay, from another collector that was doing some liquidation, *a baby is on the way* Congratulations Again! I saw it and was like that is Episode 66 and if it's not it is going to be 70 or 48 the only night time moments for Yue that I am interested in. Of course I check episode 66, and all the way at the end there the sucker is! So of course I must add it, to it's fellows! Also interesting note because I was IDing this cel, I found one of my not found cels that has been sitting in the unIDed gallery for 3 years! ^_^

About the Cel: The cel's lines are in excellent condition there is a tiny bit of disintegration but otherwise it is in excellent shape. There was however I was disappointed to note a divot in the acetate in his hair on the left side if you are looking at it. It doesn't affect the scan but I worry about what that will do to it down the line. Cel is labeled A4End and B1. Once he moves his head the rest of the sequence is just his mouth so effectively I have the only one out there when he is saying specifically this sentence! *squee*

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