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The Phone Rings... - Yamato Nakano
 Gengas, Douga, Screenshots, and Timing Sheet
The Scene: Kouya is freaking out in the bathroom of a coffee shop about Nagisa-sensei's threat to take away Yamato. While Yamato waits for her to come out, Nagisa-sensei calls Kouya, Yamato is deciding whether or not to pick up.

Why?: LOL part of a whole bunch of reasonably priced sets I picked up at Otakon. Most of them are of Yamato and are from the episodes 9 and 10. Which finalize their arc. Which is nice for my starting an episode 9 gallery... Although I could definitely use more Ritsuka and Soubi. ^_^ 

However I do love the second Zero pair quite a lot it really shows the level of devotion between the Fighter/Sacrifice Pairs even the artificially created pairs.

About the Genga Set: This set actually came with the A1 and A2 Genga, Timing Sheet, as well as oddly enough the A5 Douga from the cut. It is very unusual to find a douga from loveless because most of the dougas went to the Rilezu company that made Rilezus for the entire series.
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