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The Reveal - Soubi & Ritsuka 
Copy Layout, Gengas, and Screenshot
The Scene: While they are in the park making memories (I mean taking pictures! Get your minds out of the gutter!) Soubi and Ritsuka are attacked by an unknown force, Soubi protects Ritsuka from the initial volley. Then goes to put his battle face on, by removing the bandages that cover his name (or the name Seimei carved into his skin, I really HATE him). Well anywho... This is the crossing point from weird and creepy Soubi, to protector, this makes the audience realize there is much more going on here... This is the second cut of him pulling off the bandages, the first is basically from the nose down in a 3/4 profile. This one I prefer mostly because you can see part of the Beloved carved there, and the shocking white/white background that seems to reflect the white out shock that Ritsuka is feeling at this moment. Seimei who told Ritsuka his real name right before he died, has his real name carved into another persons neck...

Why?: This reveal piece is very impactful, in fact I think one of the best things about it is that if you look at the name the be has been cut off because this is a profile shot, and you can only see the Loved part of beloved. One of the many things I love about Loveless is the interesting way that the real names almost always are turned around. Ritsuka who is Loveless, seems to be full of boundless love for everyone including his dastardly manipulative brother, and Seimei who is Beloved. Treats all the people closest to him like possessions instead of the treasures that they are. Even going so far as to carve his name into Soubi's skin, as he is a blank fighter.

About the Genga Set: This set came with six sketches, 2 partials of the movement in Soubi's clothes, bandages, and hair. And 4 full sketches the A1 of Soubi, and the B's 1-3 of the back of Ritsuka's head with some movement notations as well.

Special Note!: This genga set was also used as a recap of the episode before during episode 2, when Ritsuka is sitting in his psychiatrist's office looking all dazed and confused, remembering the strange events of the day before!

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