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Cel, Original Layout, and Screenshot
The Well - Sakura
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About the Scene:  The first day in Hong Kong, Sakura senses some strange energy from some birds following her.  She chases after them and they lead her to this well...  Which is emitting a strange aura, while curious she still approaches it cautiously.  Of course that doesn't really help her in the end.
Why?:  I adore this movie like I adore fluffy puppies.  The weird angles the moody BGs, the beautiful and detailed animation makes it one that is hard to miss or ignore.  While it is not part of the original Manga it is a lovely installment into the canon of the anime.  There's not a lot more that I want from this scene, but I'm sure I could pick out a few more ^_~

About the Cel:  This is the best example of a Book Cel in my collection the Well and the poles are part of another BG that lays on top of the cel.   It also came with the original Layout, as well as the original BG.