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There are times that sunny skies... can be suddenly overcast... - Sakura - Episode 64
Original Layout, Douga, and Screenshot
  1. Original Layout
  2. Screenshot
  3. Genga
Sakura and the Snowy Ski Class
Sakura to Fubuki no Sukii Kyoushitsu

Air Date:
January 18, 2000
Animation Director:  Kasugai Hiroyuki
The Scene: Sakura and Eriol are on the ski lift for Sakura to try out the intermediate slopes for the first time. Eriol notices it has become quite the blizzard and Sakura starts to remember the scary story from the night before and she get's freaked out this layout actually has instructions for the two close ups on Sakura's face. From watching the episode this should be at least a series of oversized cels.

About the Layout: The layout came with two other sketches that I believe are from the scene on couch between Sakura and Li unfortunately one sketch is like a sitting stick figure and the other is a lovely little sketch of her expression. The actual sketch for the scene I described is the main reason I bought this layout because the colors and shading are just beyond lovely.

Why?: It's a lovely little piece and I love it quite a bit it's not a very key scene but it is a lovely image and the expression in her eyes is just a punch in the gut.