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There is nothing for you to do here. - Byakuya Reproduction - Episode 286
Ichigo's Return! Protect Karakura Town
Ichigo no Kikan! Karakura-chō o Mamore

Air Date:
August 31, 2010

Animation Director: Morita Minoru

The Scene:  Unsure if this is from this scene it seems close-ish the only other spot I thought it could be was when Bya and Ichi clashed on the bridge in Season 3 but he was facing the wrong way for those as well.  Hoi!  Anywho Ichigo is fighting Yammy and Kenpachi and Bya show up to help out.  Bya quickly sends him away with these seemingly cold words, "There is nothing for you to do here. Hurry to the World of the Living."

Why?:  I don't buy many repros and when I do they have to be decently priced and fairly pretty.  And this lovely piece hits both nails on the head.  The colors are all pretty cool, and the line work is very lovely.

About the Repro:  Not much to say there is still a little line fading as the cel is hand painted but the lines were still produced the traditional way although I like that the fading is pretty minor prolly due to the fact that there a lot of cooler colors in the cel.
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