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There's One in Every Class - Koumyou Sanzo, Goudai Sanzo
Layout, BG Layout, Original Background, and Screenshot
The Scene: Goudai and Koumyou are walking through the temple talking about not understanding the younger generation. Then one of the students starts yelling at another. The two Sanzos stop and listen to the porn Ken'yuu was writing *snickers* 

Why?: Another of the sketches I didn't know I was getting, although quite and amusing scene not laugh out loud funny. ^_^ It also has the benefit of coloring the beginning of the interactions between Koumyou and Ken'yuu before he becomes Ukoku Sanzo.

About the Layout: A piece of the background is a book background it is the sliding door to the temple. Part of this cut includes the sketch of the background and an original layout with some bends on the corners. I wonder how they made it all the war here not folded in half! 
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