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This is my normal form... Don't worry... - Goku - Episode 245
Cel and Screenshot
An Astounding Great Transformation!! Super Saiyan 3
Atto Odoroku Daihenshin!! Sūpā Saiyajin Surī

Air Date: 
November 9, 1994

Animation Director: Ichio Hayashi 

The Scene: Goku is basically stalling Babidi and Buu so that Trunks can go get the dragon radar, before Babidi and Buu destroy West City. So Goku de-ascends after using SSJ2 to intercept them. He gives them a primer on the stages of transformation, starting first with this lovely oversized pan of regular Goku.

Why?: I was initially interested because he looks gorgeous and this was obviously a high quality piece. I also have a distinct lack of serious Goku, don't get me wrong I have some, but my focus is generally on cute, or funny Goku. So I was like I will spend X amount of dollars and that is it! And I still won it, this is generally how I work when I hit Mandarake it is much harder to snipe Mandarake because of the 5 minute rule, so it just makes sense I always thought to bid your max and then be happy if you win it under! ^_^

About the Cel: This cel is grossly oversized, which Mandarake did NOT mention when they posted it. So that was a very happy discovery when I got this piece in. There are some interesting paint corrections going on, on the face of the cel, as most collectors know the cel is painted on the back after the lines are photocopied on the cel. However it looks like there are several paint corrections done on the top. All the shadows in his hair are painted on the top, and some of the darker lines are also hand painted on top, you can see them best on his smile. Which as everyone knows is what I think is Goku's best feature! ^_^

Note: Special super duper amazing thanks to 
Massacrist Manslayer  for the episode ID! *bows* Thanks again! 
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