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Too Heavy... Sure!!! - Makoto & Misha - Episode 39
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Paired with a Monster?! Ice Queen Mako
Yōma to pea!? Hyōjō no joō Mako-chan

Air Date:
 January 9, 1993

Animation Director: Tadano Kazuko

The Scene: Usagi is still on the crazy I'm a princess kick... So she drags all the girls ice-skating. Surprise... Only Makoto has the chops! The villain of the day shows up disguised, and asks to skate with her. However because Makoto is too heavy for his wimpy girly arms to lift, she raises him above her head!!!

Why: This episode is one of my favorites for Jupiter episodes. I love learning that she can ice skate. I also love that she forges her own path even in this.

About the Cel: The cel has typical line fading indicative of Sailor Moon. It is also oversized, in width is about the same as most SM cels however it has a lot of height to it. It however does not have register holes, nor a sequence number. Mostly I think due to the way this sequence was shot. If you watch the episode it focuses on the movement of Misha over Makoto's head it's a nifty little movement. Then it goes into the ultimate pan of this where he is completely over her head. I think the animator's did not want sequence numbers to ruin the lines or the special effects. This cel does not have a background because when they did the shot with the camera they back lit it. You can tell from both the screen shot and the fact that the back of the cel is painted black to protect it from the light when they backlit the shot. The note is also stamped on the sketch which lists the cel number A2 Key. 
  1. Cel
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