Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Ultimate Dream Duo - Opening 2 
Cel and Screenshot
Opening # 2
Episodes 41-49

Air Date: 
February 2, 1996 - March 29, 1996
Animation Director:  Unknown

The Scene: No scene really, this is just the Duo from the second opening. My favorite shot of Duo from the series. He looks quite lovely, and I adore the background.

Why?: Bought back in 2005 when the focus of my collection was a might less scattered back then I was very focused on only GW and SM. I was picking up CCS and DBZ occasionally. However GW was a main focus for me. Until I was hacked over a GW cel in 2006/7 somewhere around there it completely soured me to GW collecting and I have not added a piece since then, until recently I purchased a Heero sketch at Otakon 2013, and rescanned all that I still had of GW, to maybe revive this wing of my gallery a little. I am not sure if I will add more in the next coming years or if it will stay as it is. If anyone has any comments feel free to add in!

About the Cel: Cel is in excellent condition still, there is little to no line fading and the artistry here is just lovely. 
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