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Watery! - Watery - Episode 45 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Sakura and the Final Clow Card
Sakura to Saigo no Kurou Kaado
Air Date:  June 15, 1999
Animation Director:  Kimizuka Katsunori
The Scene: The final card, Earthy is attacking the city, and Sakura has no idea which card to use against it. So she tries Watery first (cel) To no avail...

Why?: This was gift from Sensei, to help with my speedy recovery, after a broken kneecap and rough couple of months personally. It is greatly loved and appreciated! Also it is now one less card that I must add to my collection! ^_^ WOOT!

About the Cel: The cel is in excellent condition and is in lovely shades of blue against a black background, it is always nice when my standard black is technically matching. An interesting thing about this piece, is much like my Snow card, the entirety of the drawing did not make it to the small screen, check it against the screenshot!

Sequence Buddies:

The Lonely Mountain has the very intense A3

Stem Cels has the A6

Sensei has the lovely A8, earlier in the sequence

Macron has the slightly further away A16 ...And the A7

Fruits has the furthest in the sequence the A23 
  1. Cel
  2. Douga
  3. Screenshot