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We're friends right? - Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Chibi - Episode 198 
Cel and Screenshot
Disappearing Stars! The End of Uranus and Neptune
Kieyuku hoshiboshi! Uranusu-tachi no saigo

Air Date: 
January 25, 1997

Animation Director: Yoshihiro Kitano
The Scene: Uranus and Neptune have just made the final sacrifice all of our universe's Sailor Senshi have fallen except for ESM. Galaxia not one to wait for them to recover attacks the Starlights get Chibi Chibi and ESM out. It is enough time for them to hash the battle out a bit encourage ESM a bit and have her ask them this question, "Fighter, Healer, Maker... We're friends right?"

Why?: It is a really beautiful piece, and when I saw it up on Mandarake over the summer, I had to have it! Luckily it did not go as high as some of the more recent ESMs that have it the market, it also has the bonus awesomeness of Sailor Chibi Chibi! *squee, pets cel*

About the Cel: There are some interesting things going on with this piece. There is no matching set of sketches, but it looks like the cel was either trimmed on the bottom and or on the right, not enough to pull off the sequence numbers but enough to run directly into the paint. The cel is shellacked to the background, and the two layers are stuck together. You would think that the Chibi Chibi would be on a seperate layer but the only thing on the B1 Layer is ESM's eyes. Making the bottom piece the only one in the sequence in the world... barring finding the douga or matching genga set! ^_^ *squee* 
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